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Note Station Never starts




* Note Station 2.6.0-1407

* Juns V1.02 DS3615xs

* DSM 6.1.7-15284


The issue I'm having is Note Station never seems to actually start up all the way.  When I open Note Station in DSM it just loads forever.  I checked /var/log/notestation.log and found this:


2021-08-04T19:30:18-07:00 nas02 synonscommon: Failed to run PQexec: ERROR:  relation "db_version" does not exist
LINE 1: SELECT version from db_version
2021-08-04T19:30:18-07:00 nas02 synonscommon: common/synons_db.cpp:14 Failed [(0 != SYNONSDBExecute(pConn, "SELECT version from db_version", &pResult))], err=Success
2021-08-04T19:30:18-07:00 nas02 synonscommon: common/synons_db.cpp:59 Failed [!checkNoteStation()], err=Success

It looks like the postgresql has a problem and Note Station can't talk to it properly.


Any ideas?



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I checked the psql DB and the table db_version is there, with the version in it.


I ended up creating a Notebook in Note Station and now it seems to be working.  Perhaps that's all I ever had to do?  Seems like a pretty poor design to now have a menu pop up asking you to create a Notebook before you can start using the tool.


Anyway, problem seems to be solved.

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