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  1. I have the same problem running bromolow-7.0-41222 on Proxmox 6.
  2. Do you have any plans to upload this to github? It'd be nice to track changes, compile issues, and eventually merge back to a official redpill repo.
  3. It's been mentioned previously that "error 13" is a generic error that means a lot of different things. You can get more info on why it's throwing that error by logging in via serial (username: root, no password) and looking at /var/log/messages.
  4. There is a PR open that adds a 7.0 config for DS3615xs:
  5. I think I'm having the same issue actually. The System boots but when I install the .pat file I get this in serial0: Same /dev/synoboot2 /tmp/bootmnt error. EDIT: I was able to get this working. The cause of the error was the grub.cfg had the incorrect values. If you are getting a similar error, verify the grub.cfg has the correct values.
  6. Yes, those are the correct vid/pids. You need to make sure the boot device is mounted via usb, any other way will not work with this loader.
  7. Looks like Bromolow for DSM 7.0 still fails to compile since there is no config in the redpill-load repo. Everything else seems to work fine on MacOS 10.15.7. However v0.3 was faster to `make build_image`, which is odd since the image is smaller.
  8. I rebuilt the img after unsetting that environment var and I get the same issue. Looking into the DS918+ stuff more, I believe that has to be on a haswell CPU or newer? My proxmox machine isn't new enough so perhaps DS918+ isn't going to work?
  9. I've never been able to get DS918 to install in proxmox, have other people? It boots, but then just seems to stop booting the kernel all the way. The last thing in serial0 is:
  10. You are right, I ended up getting it working. Not 100% sure what changed. I did remove the line that says "boot", perhaps that was it.
  11. Found this issue: looks like I can't mount the img file as a disk, but need to do it as a usb drive. I've tried that previously with juns loaders in proxmox and it doesn't work. Anyone have a way to mount the img file as a usb in proxmox 6.4? Edit: I added the info below to the vm config but it seems like this method of booting from usb no longer works in proxmox 6.4. args: -device 'qemu-xhci,addr=0x18' -drive 'id=synoboot,file=/var/lib/vz/images/{VM_ID}/synoboot.img,if=none,format=raw' -device 'usb-storage,id=synoboot,dr
  12. I was able to get 6.2.4 running but when I upload the pat file I get the generic error code 13. I logged into the system via serial0 and tailed /var/log/messeges. Jan 1 00:10:47 install.cgi: RemoveUpgradeFile: Remove /tmpData/upd@te.pat... Jan 1 00:10:47 install.cgi: Verify checksum of [/tmpData/upd@te]... -Jan 1 00:10:48 install.cgi: Pass checksum of /tmpData/upd@te... -Jan 1 00:10:49 install.cgi: synopartition.c:340 Patch version is: [25556], ignore the partition version check Jan 1 00:10:49 updater: updater.c:6554 Start of the updater... Jan 1 00:10:49 updater: updater.c:3
  13. Used the tool chain here to create a 6.2.4 image. The image seems to boot correctly in proxmox 6.4-13 but the VM never gets an IP, and I can't find it with I updated the s/n, nic, usb vid/pid but still no luck. I am booting the img as sata0 after using a 'qm import'. Here is the tail of serial0: [ 5.123258] <redpill/bios_shims_collection.c:61> Finished printing memory at ffffffffa00def20 [ 5.124466] <redpill/bios_shim.c:117> bromolow_synobios BIOS *fully* shimmed [ 5.271843] <redpill/intercept_execve.c:87> Blocked /usr/syno/bin/s