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I am new to XPEnology and have just built a new NAS using the ASROCK QC1900 mobo.


I have the system up and running and seemingly working well, but have run into an issue with NFS.


I have enabled NFS shares for PHOTO, MUSIC and VIDEO but am currently only able to access the PHOTO folder via NFS.


I have an existing Synology NAS that I have been using with Kodi and copied all the same settings to my new XPEnology build but I am unable to browse to the content of the video and music folders on my XPEnology.


Going through all the various tabs there is an "advanced permissions" option under the advanced tab for both the MUSIC and VIDEO folders but this option does not appear for the PHOTO folder. I have played around with these advanced permissions both on and off but with no success


When attempting to browse NFS shares via Kodi I can see the VIDEO and MUSIC shares but am unable to open them, the PHOTO share works just fine.


Any suggestions as to what might be going on?


Any help much appreciated!

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