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Volume Expansion Failed


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I have a new problem now.

I have 6 units of 4TB Seagate HDD and I installed 4 units in the beginning and I added 2 more.

Obviously the Syno detected more HDD and asked me to expand.


When I clicked Expand, it would start from 0.00% and stopped without even going further to 0.01%


Please help. Should I destroy the whole volume and start from the beginning? What if I wanna add more drives in the future? Does the "EXPAND" feature really work?


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Yes the expand feature works fine




I had several troubles with a couple of installs (different computers....


Due to bad HDD's


I would be suspicious of a bad HDD you might have


You can try and fix it yourself if you like...


I used this guide to fix mine



Tho the expansion worked... it didn't take long for some error messages to appear that a drive was failing and NOT passing smart tests (2TB WD Grean Drive)

Once I swapped that drive out for another... everthing went fine


But like I said, it sounds like you have a bad HDD to me if it's failing

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