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DS3617xs - 1.03b - DSM 6.2.2 - 24922.pat on nested Proxmox with vmxnet3 - Error 13


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Hi there,


first of all, I hope I am not violating any rules, secodnly big thanks to the guys running the forum, great job, and always friendly, thats not common these days in forums.


So have set up mutliple xpenology installation via the past few days in all flavours, bare-metal, esxi, vmware player, proxmox, all works fine. Great tutorials!


Since I do have a 10Gb NIC, I would like to try to avoid, using Intel e1000 on proxmox. VirtIO didnt want to work (of course I used extra.lzma from IG-88 + the two other files) as far as I understood this needs to be set as booting manually, however I couldnt find how. Anyway, what have I done?


I followed this guide with only exemption to have vmxnet3 instead of Intel  e1000.  The loader mentioned above. Changed mac in grub, and got a serial form Jens Manders tools (thanks by the way for this, really handy). I tried adding a second NIC. I changed the PID and VID from an old working USB pen drive, and fiddled around. No succes, it alwys stops with error 13. Anybody has an idea? Many thank sin advance and also appologies, if I missed something, if it is inapropriate please delete or move.


Edit: I tried 3617 with e1000, didnt work, now I am running 1.04 with 918+ - works.. will have to figure out whether this acepts vmxnet / virtio, to be able to use 10Gbit. So - vmxnet works, it only shows 1GB in the DSM, but transferrates are something around 230 MB/s (regular SATA, non raid yet, (will try NVMe)

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