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I/O error occurred to hard disk X


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I use a LSI LOGIC SAS9201 in pass-through mode and it works great. However, when stressing XPEnology by initiating a data scrub or similar i often get a notification like the one below.

Anyone else has experienced this? I know that the disk are good. It seems like the cable might be bad, but changing them hasn't helped either.


Dear user,


The hard disk 8 on server had an I/O error, but it is working properly now after several retries. It might have been caused by bad sectors. If this error occurs again, please back up your data and run the S.M.A.R.T. test on your hard drive to examine the hard drive status.



Synology DiskStation

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I ran into this issue with my HBA as well; though on FreeNAS. The initial releases of firmware P20 ( Version ) Used on the LSI 2008 / IBM M1015 etc had some bug that caused io errors or media errors. Lots of freenas community chatter on this issue too. LSI released later updates ( Versions and ) that are supposed to fix this bug.

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