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Upgraded NIC in a multiple NIC ESXi 7 system with SMB Multichannel


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I recently upgraded one of my GbE NICs on a N54L to a 10GbE NIC and was gratified to see that SMB Multichannel still worked with 10+1 GbE on the server and 1+1 GbE on my Windows 10 desktop. Throughput for large file transfers was understandably capped at 200-ish MBps.


I then bought another 10GbE NIC to do a similar upgrade on my ESXi7 server which is configured with two vswitches, one for each of its GbE NICs. While ESXi recognizes the Mellanox NIC and I can log into the server on either of the two IP addresses, SMB Multichannel performance is only around 100-ish MBps.


smb.conf is identical on both systems and the only change was the NIC upgrade.


Any thoughts on why this might be happening?




P.S.: iperf3 does show 1Gbps and 10Gbps when bound to one interface vs the other

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