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Anyone ever tried running this on a VPS?


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Wondering if anyone has ever tried running this on a VPS?


I mean an NAS is nice, but if multiple ppl are using it then your severely limited by your internet connection so why not run this on a VPS that way the NAS has a dedicated gigabit connection and power, internet, and drives are all redundant.


So you have all of the benefits of a service like dropbox, but you get the storage and features of having a synology device.


and if you so happen to have a gigabit connection at home, you get the same speeds as if it where on the LAN but all the added benefits of it being in a datacenter.


Let me know what your thoughts are.




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I have one running (for test purposes on the surveillance modules) in a Proxmox KVM container. Works pretty OK. Had an issue (not sure if it was XPEnology or Proxmox/KVM based) where the 'machine' 3 times lost all config and 'looked' empty, but has been running smoothly since.


Purely Linux-container based (OpenVZ/LXC/...) are not really possible.


On the commercial 'in the cloud' VPS part, I only saw virtual machines where you could really 'install' (from iso) on Windows bases. The rest are 'shared-kernel' based...

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