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  1. Hi everyone, im running diskstation , on a 1gbps symmetrical fiber connection, in a data center. At home and at work, I have a 100/12Mbs connection. The problem I am running into is that there seems to be some sort of soft speed limit per connection or per user. When sending a share link to someone, there DL speed is capped at 1.8MBs. I have seen the same testing from work and home, all downloads from the diskstation are limited to 1.8Mbs. I see the same thing happening with cloud sync, if I have to sync a single file from the DS to my PC, its runs at 1.8MBs, if I sync 3 files, it runs at 5.4MBs. I have had clients report the same, they can top out their connection but only with multiple downloads from the diskstation. Does anyone have any idea where this limit is coming from? and how it could possibly be removed to give each DL full speed? This is big problem when working with video files. when syncing a single video for example, at 4gb, it SHOULD run at 100Mbs or about 12MBs from the diskstation to my computer, but its crawling along at 1.8Mbs. Anyone have any ideas here? I am familiar with linux, so changing settings in busybox itself is not a problem. Thanks, Steven
  2. Hi, I have the DSM setup. the DSM itself is DMZ so full acess to all ports as far as the router is concerned. I have installed asterisk and its set to use port 5060 but all test show that this port is closed. Now I now 100% that its open on the router etc so somehow DMS is blocking this port. Now I have checked the firewall settings and tried making a rule for that port to be open, but no luck. Tried to disable the firewall completely in DMS, IE new rule to allow all ports and I still cant make a connection on that port. Anyone here know whats going on with this? Or does anyone now hoe to disable the firewall completely in through CLI? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I cant use this app at all until these ports are opened. Thanks steven
  3. Hi, Wondering if anyone has ever tried running this on a VPS? I mean an NAS is nice, but if multiple ppl are using it then your severely limited by your internet connection so why not run this on a VPS that way the NAS has a dedicated gigabit connection and power, internet, and drives are all redundant. So you have all of the benefits of a service like dropbox, but you get the storage and features of having a synology device. and if you so happen to have a gigabit connection at home, you get the same speeds as if it where on the LAN but all the added benefits of it being in a datacenter. Let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks, Steven