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PHPMyAdmin and PhotoStation on Custom domain, Page not found Error?


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Hi Xpenologists,
I have two Synology NASs at home


1. DS214Play from Synology
2. DS3615xs from Xpenology (Running on HP Z800) 


I have a setup both on my domain as I have a static IP Address and installed wildcard SSL certificate to cover both NASs and their subdomains.


For my testing, I have installed PHPMyAdmin ON DS3615. I can run the package using my local IP address but as soon as I try to run it from my domain  like https://mynas.mydomain.com/phpMyAdmin/ or public IP I get synology Page not found Error. Sorry, the page you are looking for is not found.


I think the reason behind is port forwarding, I have opened http 80 and https 443 ports for my DS214Play (I have only one dedicated/Public IP) and from there I am using reverse proxy to redirect to correct local IP and ports for my DS3615xs. As both PhotoStation and PHPMyAdmin use ports 80/443 which are opened on my router only for DS214Play when a request from DS3615xs is generated to access PhotoStation and PHPMyAdmin system tries to redirect to DS214Play and generates error.
Note:- Twist in the tail is PhotoStation in DAS214Play is working with tout any issues.

Any help, advice, recommendation on how can I get this fixed?




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