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HP N54L Install & Issues with facial recognition in Moments


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Hi All,


I have a DS216j that works but when indexing and performing facial recognition on over 18k photos is taking an absolute age - thats not even half my library loaded either!


I have an old N54L that was going unused so I managed to successfully install DSM 6.2.3 on thanks to the guides on here using Jun 1.3b loader for the 3615, however when installing Moments it doesnt perform any facial recognition, it sporadically does Places recognition though.


I have followed the suggestions on the forum about updating a couple of files - Fix the problem of moments 1.3.x face recognition NOT work - Synology Packages - XPEnology Community - however this hasnt worked.


Has anyone had any success getting facial recognition sorted on an N54L and can advise at all please?


I've seen random comments from people saying they are running update 3 and latest Moments and facial recognition is working OK, but no specifics on their specs.  If I need to upgrade then I am OK with that, just hoping for a bit of advice on this pls.


Thanks all :-)



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I've had the same issue. I'm pretty sure that this is linked to CPU core count.

When running via ESXi this issue is fixed by up'ing the core count. This can't be done with the N54l as it only has the 2 cores...

I read somewhere that this was introduced in an update so it maybe possible by running the 'right' version.



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