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Unable to open UDP port 9 on Airport for Wake on LAN


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Hi all,


Hope someone here can clarify something for me. I want to wake my Xpenology externally from the internet, but to do so I have to open UDP port 9. I have no problem waking it on my LAN.


I am using an Apple Airport Extreme. I have set it up on the Airport, but it doesn't seem to work. Using one of those port checking web sites (http://www.portchecktool.com) shows me that the port remains closed.


I have Googled & read for hours and have had no luck trying to resolve the problem. I have come across other threads mentioning the issue, but no clear answers.


I have had no problem opening TCP ports on the Airport. Is there a specific issue with UDP ports & the Airport Extreme? Is it an issue with my ISP? This is incredibly frustrating.



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Port checking UDP is not easy as same TCP.


My hunch is that, as same many routers, the Airport doesn`t allow broadcasting WAN to LAN. If so, you`re out of luck.

If you`re lucky it could be a setting in Airport.

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