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  1. Thanks. Probably best for now. On the upside, WOL is working without a problem (internal network) and my baremetal now keeps the correct time, which it never did in the previous 5-5.2 Xpenology installs.
  2. Thank you Jun and everyone that’s worked on the new loader. After failing miserably over the past few weeks with the earlier loaders (Jun, setsunakawa), I was finally able to create a baremetal install with Arcao's loader. I’m guessing it finally had the drivers I needed. Except for a brief mention by hotshots on page 85, I haven't seen any mention of hibernation issues. Does the current loader allow for HDD hibernation and auto poweroff? Hibernation and auto poweroff worked fine for me in DSM 5.2-5644 and previous loaders. It stopped working in the 5.2-5967 updates (it was a known issue). Has the 5.2-5967 hibernation issue carried over to the DSM 6 loader? OR is it just me and hotshots? Polanskiman: Appreciate your effort in creating an up-to-date tutorial on using Jun’s loader. I’m just wondering if any of the additional modifications (after vid and pid edits, etc.) that were suggested for the the 5.2 xpenology installs can be included in your tutorial? Controlling the CPU power state and the power off button issue for example. Possible to include up-to-date links and newer(?) instructions if any? Or should we forgo these for the moment? Thanks
  3. Faro

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Thanks to everyone for the new loader. I have read this thread several times over the last few weeks and haven't seen any mention of hibernation issues. Does the current loader allow for HDD hibernation and auto poweroff? Has the 5.2-5967 issue carried over to the DSM 6 loader? OR is it just me? Thanks
  4. I am currently running DSM 5.2-5967 update 1 & Xpenoboot 5.2-5644.5. As the subject line says, up until recently (2 updates back?) I was able to hibernate my barebones install of Xpenology. The disks would hibernate & then the NAS would shut down after 30 minutes. Because I don’t run the NAS all the time, I don’t know when the hibernation stopped working. Now when I go into “Hardware & Power” and set the disks to hibernate and click “Apply”, I get a pop-up telling me that “A reboot is required for Memory Compression…”. I don’t have “Memory Compression selected. If I click on “Yes” to the reboot, it takes me to the “UPS” tab instead. Anybody know what is going on? Anybody else having this issue with the same iDSM install as me? Is this on the list of 5967 broken features Thanks PS. Is it normal for the USB key to show up in the “Control Panlel –> General –> External Devices” ? The edited “syslinux.cfg” file always worked for me in the past, just not sure if it shows up here normally.
  5. I'm using a Shuttle SH67H3 as a my baremetal: http://global.shuttle.com/main/products ... uctId=1477 Only parts I added to the box was a 2nd gen Intel Core i3, hard drives and 4GB ram. This particular model is now 4 years old. I originally bought it for use as a HTPC.
  6. I’m going to give you the benefit of a doubt and be somewhat politically correct, so I won't call you a douchebag... but your comment? – that was a very self-entitled, douchebaggy thing to say. The people making it possible to run Xpenology don’t owe you anything. If your tired of waiting, then just move on. I’m pretty sure you won’t be missed.
  7. Hi all, Hope someone here can clarify something for me. I want to wake my Xpenology externally from the internet, but to do so I have to open UDP port 9. I have no problem waking it on my LAN. I am using an Apple Airport Extreme. I have set it up on the Airport, but it doesn't seem to work. Using one of those port checking web sites (http://www.portchecktool.com) shows me that the port remains closed. I have Googled & read for hours and have had no luck trying to resolve the problem. I have come across other threads mentioning the issue, but no clear answers. I have had no problem opening TCP ports on the Airport. Is there a specific issue with UDP ports & the Airport Extreme? Is it an issue with my ISP? This is incredibly frustrating. Thanks
  8. Check http://www.portchecktool.com to see if your ports are blocked by a firewall or ISP. I recently installed Xpenology and found out that I had to open port 8080 to get access from the internet. If you haven't done this you might want to try it. http://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5861&start=10#p35869
  9. Ideally the original tutorial should be updated to mention that it does not work for DSM 5.X. It would have saved me a few hours of frustration. And yes, I originally wanted to use Quick Connect because I couldn’t get the iOS apps to connect to the DS from the internet. Some Googling and reading led me to realize that I could use another DDNS service. I signed up at NO-IP.com (free version) for the DDNS access. I got all of the iOS apps to work except for the “DS Photo+” app. Doing some more Googling and reading I learn that the “DS Photo+” app uses Port 80 and port 80 is usually blocked by ISPs! Maybe this is common knowledge to everyone, but not to me - I’m a noob. You must set an alternate port for the "DS Photo+" app. In the DSM go to: Control Panel—> Web Services—> HTTP Service. Select (check) the box next to “Add additional HTTP port” and put in 8080. At the DDNS provider your address has to be "your IP number:8080" (minus the quotation marks obviously). This let's you use the photo app and sign into your DS from the internet. Why doesn’t Synology automatically set up proper port access for the “DS Photo+” app when you run the EZ-Internet Wizard? PS. There are other free DDNS services. No-IP (free version) has to be renewed every 30 days.
  10. Have you used the Excel serial/MAC generator? The Excel generator gives me a new serial number based on the MAC address and the SN HEX code changes, but does not give me a new MAC address to go along with it. The field for MAC HEX code No.1 fills in with "Recheck your MAC address".
  11. Hi, Yes I am using DSM5.X. Can you point me to the new tutorial? I haven't had much luck finding it. Thanks
  12. HI, I just recently installed Xpenology on an older PC & it is running DSM 5.1-5022 + Update 5. I am having many issues with your tutorial. To be honest, none of the steps are working for me as you have outlined. I used a spare drive with Windows 7 to get the MAC address from the PC. 1) The Excel generator (step 2 of this tutorial) gives me a new serial number based on the MAC address and the SN HEX code changes, but does not give me a new MAC address to go along with it. The cell for MAC HEX code No.1 fills in with "Recheck your MAC address". Why are there 1-4 cells for MAC addresses? 2) When I use WinSCP to login to my NAS as root from my host PC, I do not see my USB boot disk as seen in your screen capture. Needless to say, I have been unable to find the "vendor" file or use the HEX editor. I am stuck. I know that I can edit the "syslinux.cfg" file directly on the USB key, but without a new MAC address there is not much I can do. Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks.
  13. Hi, So I’ve spent the better part of today (5hrs+!) trying to edit the serial number and MAC address and have had absolutely no luck getting anywhere. I've been using DHD's How-to guide: http://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1353 I’m usually good at following these tutorials but i’m stumped/confused with this one. I am unable to get the Excel generator to give me a MAC address. When I input my hradware’s MAC address and press F9 I get a serial number, but next to the "MAC HEX code No.1" I get “Recheck your MAC address” I’ve been Googling all afternoon, trying different things, but I have been unable to find any answers. Am I the only person getting this result?? Why am I getting it? Thanks PS. Can’t attach image (board quota reached)
  14. Hi, I apologize if this has been covered. I've searched but I haven't been able to find a definitive/clear answer. Is it possible to set an external drive as the internal drive, so that the XPEnology server is able to run without an internal drive? Thanks