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HDD hibernation on XPenology 5.1


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Hi all. I have Nas made on gigabyte GA-C1007UN.


Yesterday I added another drive (second) to my NAS. 1st disc was in SHR mode and the second drive, I did not specifically included in the raid, and created as a separate in BASIC mode. The implication is that it will often idle and I like that he was basically in hibernation mode.

However, I found that the disc does not fall asleep. In the settings set 10 minutes. I also found that something is constantly read/write to the drive, but I can not find what. I turned off all the packages, but the activity continues. Of course the disc will not go into sleep mode. Leaving NAS with almost all services off for a long time and including the journal Sleep mode discs, I saw that the drive goes to sleep sometimes, but often wakes up ...


I need help, please. Sorry for my bad English.

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