6.2.3 TerraMaster F2-421 wrong amount of ram reported

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Hi, i'm currently using a terramaster NAS F2-420 (j1900 cpu, 2 realtek lan) updated with the latest DSM 6.2.3 update 2, with extra.lzma from IG-88 ver.0.11 with the 1.03 DS3615XS loader and now i moved to this new upgraded model f2-421 (j3455 cpu, 4 realtek lan).
On the old model i had upgraded the ram with another 4gb stick and it was correctly reported in xpenology (8gb total) and the system was running as smooth as butter.
The two models share the same type of memory stick (ddr3 1600 low profile),so i moved the ram stick into the new nas and checked bios (8gb reported) and double checked even in the original terramaster operating system that all 8gb was displayed, so i started i the installation of the DSM but problems arised...
I've tried all 3 loader types, first with the 1.04 918 with  extra v0.13.3 because they have the same cpu and then the 1.03 3615 with extra 0.11 and then even the 3617 with extra 0.11.2... the nas boots and i succesfully installed DSM with all of them but:
-it's painfully slow even during installation: for example the picture of the nas in the first setup screen when i upload the pat file is loading from top to bottom and as if it was downloaded with an old 56k modem
-the amount of ram reported in dsm it's all garbled up see screnshot attached : it doesn't seem a mere cosmetic problem (as with the cpu) because with the previous nas it was reported correctly
Any help/advice?

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in putty i see 7620mb (because of reserved video memory i guess)

admin@f2:/$ free -m
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           7620         263        6856          39         499        6993
Swap:          6619           0        6619

but in DSM only 4gb and therefore i cannot use virtualization assigning more than 2gb of ram per VM


reported ram.jpg

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