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Crashed RAID recovery help


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I have a Proliant N54L that has 6xWD Red 4TB drives running DSM 5.0 in a single SHR.


I have been upgrading by replcing the 4TB drives with 6TB ones, one at a time. I would replace one, rebuilt the RAID but not expand as I figured I'd do that just once at the end of the process. The process went fine for the first 4 discs. However, I have a serious problem now after swapping out disk 5 (the one in the eSATA slot), and deciding it was time to expand the volume (since I wasn't sure the final disk would be replaceable - it's in the optical slot and I haven't seen confirmation yet that 6TB drives are supported there).


DSM refused to expand. The process just didn't do anything. I tried using the Ubuntu method described elsewhere to force an expansion but that also didn't work (I suspect it didn't like the different drive sizes). The process would run, but no progress bar would show and nothing was actually being done. After 2 days I crashed out of the process and went back to DSM. However, now my volume is crashed, DSM only sees 4 drives and lists drives 2-4 as not having a system partition.


Can anyone help get my volume back? I need the surefire absolute settings for getting DSM to see drives in the 5th and 6th slots (I had this for a moment after upgrading drive 5 but before expanding) but seem to have lost it now (yes I am using the modded BIOS).


Do I need to reinstall DSM to get the system partitions back? can I reinstall with a crashed volume and not risk losing the volume completely?


Thanks in advance for any help!


ps, please don't tell me what I should have done, such as "back up your data" I already know that. If I had 19TB of free space to back up to, I wouldn't be here asking for help and pointing it out now doesn't help me fix the current problem

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Do you still have the original 4TB drives (untouched)?

unfortunately not. as each disk got replaced and the RAID was successfully rebuilt, those 4TB drives went into our other Proliant to upgrade that ones 2TB drives.


I'm wishing now we hadn't been impatient since if I still had the original disks, 'm sure this would be a non issue.

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