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SWAP MOBO keep Disks

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My experiences: Started with ZOTAC mobo, NM10-DTX WiFi - 2GB 3x1TB WD Red 2.5" SHR. Installed DSM 5.0-4528. Upgraded to 5.1-5022-2 no show shoppers, everything working as designed but did have the trigger device plug event without the hard stop.

Purchased ASROCK server mobo ... 6813157417

installed mobo in new case and transferred the 2x1TB red drives into case and plugged into SATA2 ports (this board has 2xSATA3, 5xSATA2, 1xeSATA) in no particular order.

Booted system with the test IMG (that fixes expansion issue). Initially got the trigger device plug event WITH the hard stop.

A quick search in these pages got me to:


Switched from ACHI to IDE in BIOS and rebooted.

System up after a few minutes. all packages, logon IDs, data still intact.

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