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Hi Team, 


I've been running 6.1 for the passed 12 months. 


I noticed an alert that drive 6 of my 6 drive RAID 5 was beginning to fail. 


I purchased another drive and replaced i t the other day and set it to expand into the raid group. 


Today i had an issue with an application so I rebooted the Synology. 


It didn't come back up. 


I now have a crash error  with 3 of the six drives are stating they are failing. 


I noticed that the new drive had failed to initiate and 2 other drives have failed. Im now in a bad situation. 


I tried to place the old drive back in to see if it may be bale to reinstate the array but no luck. 


Am I out of luck here?  Is it recoverable? I have about 100GB of data that really concerns me, and would love to recover if possible. The rest is not so important. 







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