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Asrock A75M 2 Sata-Ports without function


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I'm new at this forum and from germany. At the moment I have a Synology DS211J and want now a bigger NAS. I have searched for a NAS OS and found XPEnology.

I have installed XPEnology on my old HTPC and it looks great but 2 Sata-Ports(Port 5 and 6) are without function under DSM. In Bios is all ok.

Biossettings like IDE-Mode and AHCI have I tried.


My System:

http://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/A75M/index.de.asp with A3400 APU and 4GB memory

DSM5.0-4528 Update2 and Nanoboot x64


Has somebody a solution for me? Is that a problem from DSM or Nanoboot?





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Hi Tino


I have a Asus E35 board with 6 SATA and running Xpenology only the first 4 SATA drives are seen by DSM although they are found by the system bios at boot


I think this is a limitation of the Hudson chipset and drivers loaded in Nanoboot


I looked for an easy solution and added a couple of 4 port PCI cards based on Silicon image chipset.


http://www.amazon.co.uk/Adapter-Convert ... ds=sil3114


These work fine and I have a 12 HDD box running stable :smile:

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