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HP N40L - eSATA supoort - Assistance needed


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Hi All,


Hoping someone might be able to assist me with an eSATA issue i'm having,


I have recently setup a HP N40L with the latest build and BIOS hack to enable eSATA port multiplication. I've connected a Vantec hx4r with 4x 1TB HDD via eSATA however it doesn't seem to be seeing anymore than 1 drive.


I have been looking round the forums but can't seem to clearly find anyone that's successfully got this working.


Any help would be appreciated,



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I'm using this one: http://www.hardwareluxx.de/community/f1 ... st21503128

This also allows you to use the ODD port as a full blown SATA port for a 5th harddrive. :smile:


And then do these configs.


To enable AHCI on all ports, go to Southbridge Config, SATA 4/5 and disable sata 4/5 IDE mode.


From the main screen go to ‘Chipset > Southbridge Configuration > SB SATA Configuration’ and make sure your settings are the same as below:

OnChip SATA Channel = Enabled

OnChip IDE Type = IDE

SATA IDE Combined Mode = Disabled

SATA EPS on all PORT = Enabled

SATA Power on all PORT = Enabled


Return to the main screen then go to ‘Advanced > IDE Configuration’ and again, make sure your settings are the same as below.

Embedded SATA Link Rate = 3.0Gbps MAX

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