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  1. lamerino - this wiki has some links to the BIOS mod At the moment I've got 6 drives running - 5x SATA (1 drive mounted in the 5.25 bay) and 1x on eSATA Hopefully someone is able to get the eSATA port multiplier working so I can get the rest of my drives running
  2. I have the same problem with my setup frostiex, even though port multiplier is enable it only sees one drive. Your idea with the SATA Card may work but it just depends if the Marvell 88SE9705 chipset is supported which I would have no idea.
  3. Hi All, Hoping someone might be able to assist me with an eSATA issue i'm having, I have recently setup a HP N40L with the latest build and BIOS hack to enable eSATA port multiplication. I've connected a Vantec hx4r with 4x 1TB HDD via eSATA however it doesn't seem to be seeing anymore than 1 drive. I have been looking round the forums but can't seem to clearly find anyone that's successfully got this working. Any help would be appreciated, Cheers,