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This thread is for anyone looking for a working solution for this particular motherboard, an Intel DQ45EK.


So I have this old Intell DQ45EK motherboard with 4GB of memory and mini-itx case that have sat unused for some time. This weekend I decided to install XPEnology on it along with 3x3TB drives (It's all I can fit in the case). I was hoping to install 6.2.2. However, when I booted up using Jun's 1.0.3b boot loader, it could not recognize any of the drives. I proceeded to create a Jun 1.0.2b boot disk. That one was able to see the drives. I went ahead and installed DSM_DS3615xs_15284.pat. Everything works great with this configuration.


I am still hoping to get 1.0.3b/6.2.2 to run with this board. I tried booting 1.0.3b after configuring with 1.0.2b/6.1.7-15284. DSM did not come up (most likely because the drives are still not recognized). Anyway, if you are able to get DSM 6.2.2 installed, reply to this thread.


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