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ESXI disks numbering


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I have that little problem (but very annoying IMO) that the disk numbering isn't what it should be.

The VM is configured with following disks:

* Nanoboot image plugged to IDE 0:0

* Virtual disk (data on ESXI drive) plugged to SCSI 0:0 seen as Disk 3 and volume2 (installed while no other drive configured)

* RDM disk plugged on SCSI 0:1 seen as Disk 4 BUT volume 1

* RDM disk plugged on SCSI 0:2 seen as disk 5 and volume 3


I want the Virtual disk to be Volume 1 and be SURE that nanoboot boots on SCSI 0:0 and no other.

This is not sure at all. Any way to edit that numbering ?


Thanks :wink:

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