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  1. Hi guys, just a quick question: Is there any way to force grub to boot on ODD sata port rather than SATA HDD 1 port ? Thanks
  2. thibsie

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Hey, Just migrated from 5.2, keeping both data and settings. Lots of packets needed repair and when I do, it repairs/installs 4-5 of them then needs a reboot. I also find difficult to get to the webmin (on both IP). Do I need to let it settle a bit or is something wrong? Maybe I just need a 'factory' reset ? Thx
  3. Thanks Intel for their stupid products management. Thank you (really) for your efforts digging up all the details. Seems clear enough now. Thanks again
  4. Indeed you did. But I didn't get it 'cos : 1/ that (censored words) mobo is supposed to be AHCI. 2/ the stick didn't not boot at all, it should have booted (IMO) and not found any disk. I would have got it. So much for me (duh). Thanks again.
  5. Hey, been away for quite some time. First, thanks to you all for all the suggestions. I tried all of'em but could not get a single boot. I finally did want I wanted to avoid, and wrote Xpenoboot 5.2 to the key. Booted immediately. Dunno why. But it works. Unfortunately I'll need to pass on DSM6 for the time being but DSM5 is better than no DSM at all Thanks again
  6. Yep, done. Tried everything including things which should not matter. Maybe a CD which would be configured to hand over to USB... complicated.
  7. Hi all, I'd like to recycle an old Intel mobo as an Xpenology server. Its more than needed for storages purposes as I can fit it with either Pentium Dual Core or Quad 6600. I don't need it to do any processing so CPU is actually unimportant (but TDP maybe). The thing is, I can get this thing to boot on anything Linux. (even MS is difficult). No way Jun loader will work. It boots fine on my laptop though. What else can I try ? Thank you
  8. So those are the results: Pulling RAM but 1 stick, got me 3W Pulling drives got me about 5W/drive (I have 5) Down clock and underplot got me about 10W Unplugging the GPU (and yes it still boots) got me between 10 and 15W 2 gigabit cards I ever pulled but were unused got me 3W And the optical disk another 5W. Of course I need all disks for now and the optical too but using a USB disk instead of optical, and replacing both 2x1.5TB and 300GB 10K drives by a 6TB or 8TB would spare me a nice couple watts too (about 15W). Also I didn't pay attention earlier but I realized that the 1
  9. Thanks both of you. About the drives, I meant, less drives but bigger one but worded it very poorly You indeed confirmed this to be exact. I'll see if not powering a couple of them make a noticeable difference in power usage and learn from there. I'm trying to find a low power s775 CPU but IMO it will end expensive for what it would bring. I'll get my RAM sticks out too: 2x2GB and 2x1GB. Clearly overkill. I indeed only use it for media/download, Sickbeard and accessed via media player. For the most part. If it can do other things, great but that the prime use of it. I may
  10. Hi all, My Bare Metal DSM5 is running fine (and so thanks to everybody here, specially coders/testers) based on Asus P5Q Pro, Dual Core E7500 etc. I have 5 drives currently (10K for system, 2x1.5TB, a 4TB and a 3TB) plus CDROM for booting. I'm running about 100 Watts at the wallplug. Is there anything I can do to get this to drop significantly. Less bigger drives for sure but part that obvious thing? Change to a HP Gen8 ? Would that really get me less energy consumption? I didn't manage to run properly the Intel script for power saving either. Thanks for your input. Best re
  11. Hi, I've been busy lately so couldn't upgrade my box with you guys. I'm still at 5.1 and would like to upgrade to latest. If I read correctly, I should no upgrade to u2 of 5592 but update 1 should be OK. Simple USB boot upgrade to latest Xpenoboot will be OK or do I need some magic with it ? Thanks
  12. Hi, My Xpen machine is not completing the startup normally, displaying 'starting services' or something alike (in French). I know how to force proper start but the problem remains each time I boot and I cannot apply security updates. Btw the problem arose when trying to apply a security upgrade. How can I, other than a reinstall if possible, track the problem causing this (a service not starting normally?) and fix it ?? Thank you. PS: Thanks all of you for what you do. Xpenoboot and such. And yes I donoted
  13. Hi, I have that little problem (but very annoying IMO) that the disk numbering isn't what it should be. The VM is configured with following disks: * Nanoboot image plugged to IDE 0:0 * Virtual disk (data on ESXI drive) plugged to SCSI 0:0 seen as Disk 3 and volume2 (installed while no other drive configured) * RDM disk plugged on SCSI 0:1 seen as Disk 4 BUT volume 1 * RDM disk plugged on SCSI 0:2 seen as disk 5 and volume 3 I want the Virtual disk to be Volume 1 and be SURE that nanoboot boots on SCSI 0:0 and no other. This is not sure at all. Any way to edit that numbering ?