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HP Microserver P410 RAID Controller 4x 2TB SAS RAID-5 configured.

Xpenology sees 1 volume with shared folders


1 drive crashed and now all shared folders are gone.

Replaced defective drive and rebuild RAID in P410 BIOS


Now Raid-volume is ok again, but still no shared folders anymore


Who is able to help me restore the shared folders?

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No, that's the pyhsical console which shows nothing but "booting the kernel...".


First: log in to your DSM and open the control panel. Go to "Terminal & SMNP". Activate the SSH service. After that, download the free ssh client "Putty":




Open it and fill in the IP address of your NAS in the upper field, click on "Open". Acknowledge the message regarding the fingerprint by clicking "Yes". Enter the username of your NAS (should have admin rights) and hit RETURN. Enter your password (you won't see any chars when typing) and hit RETURN again. Now you should be logged in.


Type these commands:


cd / (RETURN)

ls -l (RETURN)


Putty now shows the root directory of your system. If you have only one volume enter this command:


cd /volume1 (RETURN)


Type again:


ls -l (RETURN)


Shared folders are marked in GREEN color while Synology's system folder are shown in blueish with an @ at the beginning. Do you see any of these "green" folders?

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