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wake up from hibernation, system crash?


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Hi all,


Let me first introduce my xpenology build:

Intel E2140

Intel D945GCNL

1G DDR2 ram *2

4*1T hitatchi HDD

4493 u2 with nanaoboot (upgrade from trantor 4.3)


After a bunch of test, I found that if I try to wake up the nas from hibernation through apps (video station etc), or samba file system (access a network drive from a windows client), the disk wake up from hibernation, and the access takes time to load.

Sometimes it will just fail, and then I no longer access unless reboot. Even the web GUI login still failed. It will just stuck at the screen "Processing, please wait..."

If I perform a reboot at commandline using root with command "reboot", the console will show the error "segmentation fault" and failed reboot. A hard reset is required.

To work around this issue, I disabled the hibernation, and so far the system is great.

Can someone please share with me your system with hibernation on and any unusual behavior occur?


Thanks a lot for your help!

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