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    SMART for xpenology in ESXi

    Thanks for your comment. I also read a lot of post that almost all people reported that SMART is not an option under hypervisor, but this user reported that he is successful viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3132&start=30#p20149 So I open this post and see if there's any other successful case.. I think the SMART is important so if it is confirmed that it is not available I will choose bare metal for my N54L...
  2. jeorainc

    SMART for xpenology in ESXi

    Hi all, I setup rdm to the xpenology, with vmkfstools -z, the setup is ok, but i failed to see SMART data of the disks indide xpenology. May I know if someone works? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi May i know how to make SMART works under Xpenology? I use rdm passthru to map 2 physical disk to the VM, but inside syno GUI it failed to show SMART data...
  4. Hi all, Let me first introduce my xpenology build: Intel E2140 Intel D945GCNL 1G DDR2 ram *2 4*1T hitatchi HDD 4493 u2 with nanaoboot (upgrade from trantor 4.3) After a bunch of test, I found that if I try to wake up the nas from hibernation through apps (video station etc), or samba file system (access a network drive from a windows client), the disk wake up from hibernation, and the access takes time to load. Sometimes it will just fail, and then I no longer access unless reboot. Even the web GUI login still failed. It will just stuck at the screen "Processing, please wait..." If I perform a reboot at commandline using root with command "reboot", the console will show the error "segmentation fault" and failed reboot. A hard reset is required. To work around this issue, I disabled the hibernation, and so far the system is great. Can someone please share with me your system with hibernation on and any unusual behavior occur? Thanks a lot for your help!
  5. Try to create a httpd user group, and grant the group read/write access to your shared folder "web"
  6. hi all I am using 4.3 build 3810 on standalone intel platform. Recently I found that some services (samba, video station etc) just didn't work as expected and I need to solve by restarting the service or even reboot it. I doubt the hardware is old and I am considering to migrate to another AMD platform. May I know the procedure of the migration? Is that I simply plug the usb and the disk to the new PC and boot? Or I need another new usb stick? Also, does xpenology 4.3 benefit from quad core? Thanks so much for your advice!