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Installation problem with boot key on Z390 extreme 4

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Hello to all members of Xpénology community,

Please excuse me for my English, but I use Google Translate.
It is with enthusiasm that I decided to buy the components of a new computer, when I discovered the help of the members of the community Xpenology!
Unfortunately, I can not start my installation, while other members of the community use the same motherboard.
Here is the list of my material
- Motherboard: ASROCK Z390 EXTREME4
- CPU: i8-8700 K
- RAM: 2 x 16 GB in 2600 MGhz
- CRUCIAL SSD drives
I downloaded Xpénoboot and created a bootable key with Win32 Imager.
At startup I press the F11 key so that the computer starts on the key.
The Boot GRUB menu appears for 2 seconds, and then the following screen soon indicates:
Carly console in decompress kernel. decompressing img linux ... parsing ELF ... done. Booting the kernel.
Here is an image





I do not see any writing between the two screens.
I run Synology's wizard on another computer plugged into the same network, but problem it does not detect anything!
I try the experiment with at http://find.synology.com, same result, it does not detect the new synology.
I launch the IP SCAN application on my iMac, it also does not detect the new Synology.
I download my Xpenoboot files from the MEGA website https://mega.nz/#F!yQpw0YTI!DQqIzUCG2RbBtQ6YieScWg!HA4wSIpI
I tried to use another version DSM 6, DSM 6.1., DSM6.2., Same result, unable to detect SYNOLOGY on the network.
Does anyone have an idea to help me?
Is this a material problem? a setting to do in the bios? or a network problem? or a file problem?
I do not know what to do ?
I spent so many hours trying to solve this problem, that I ended up telling myself, I will install Windows Server 2019, but new problem, there are no drivers for this card that supports Windows Server .
I would be extremely grateful if you could help me.
Thank you in advance !

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There are some users with the same mainboard but afaik they use separate Nics for it, mostly server adapters.


Server 2016 & 2019 don’t support consumer nics anymore. Without driver modifications you can’t install drivers for these.

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If it’s not detected after the initial boot screen (which shows nothing more as seen in your screenshot, pretty normal) then your Nic is not recognized. You can physically check for a connection if your Nic‘s leds are on and blinking. 


You have three options:


- search for a modified/custom lzma which works for your nic

- add a supported Nic with Intel chipset

- use a Hypervisor

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