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Success with Branded PCs Installation


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I have built 2 branded systems I like to share with you both successfully implemented.


1.  HP Ultra Small Form Factor . model:Elite Ultra 8300, uses i5-3470 cpu

    This model I have to update the Bios to the lastest Bios in order it can read the USB loader. Earlier Bios 2.08 did not work.

    I have to use loader 1.02b mod I think the not modified may work as well. Since the is not a Haswell I could make either 1.03b

   or 1.04b to work. I manage to run DSM 6.17 it seems to work quite well.


2. Lenovo 510s, Small Form Factor desktop, using AMD A12-9800 CPU. This model is cheap derivative  of the more expensive Thinkcentre.

   I use loader 1.04b and the latest DSM 6.2.2. This hardware and software combo  worked very well and quite fast. The only downside is the power 

  consumption of the total system, about 100W with 2*3.5" 2T each hard drives installed.


I am happy with my systems setup  and many thanks to Jun for for both loaders and plenty of assistance from watching installation videos

at Youtube.


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