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XPEnology install on Thecus N7700


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Hi everybody,


I would like to replace the firmware of my Thecus N7700 by XPEnology !


I downloaded lots of version of XPEnology DSM 4.x and every time when i boot with thumb drive i get the message "This kernel requieres an x86-64 CPU, but only detect an I686 CPU...etc..."


So even with different version i cannot pass this step....


Is anybody can help with this matter?


The motherboard has a bios awardbios v6.00PG phoenix technologies

for N7700 / 8800 Release Ver 01

There is an adapter Marvell 88SE63xx/64xx Bios


Main processor intel celeron M 1.86 Ghz (133x14)

Ram 3Go


I would like to test first the installation of XPEnology on a spare Hardrive, then if it is okay i would like to get a spare flash module where the current firmware of thecus is store to install DSM on this flash module and fully use the 7x 1Tb hard drives



1- What repack should i use?

3- then is it possible to install DSM on the flash module which is separate from the volume of hard drive?

2- last, will it be possible to upgrade to 5.xxx version of DSM?


Any comments are welcomed!





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1. Your problem is, that most of the loaders are 64bit based and your CPU is only 32bit. Look for Nanoboot - which also has a 32bit loader.

2. No, DSM is installed on all your harddisks - that's the nature of Synology. The thumb drive only holds the syno-bios.

3. I've upgraded from 4.3 to 5.0, but from Trantor to Gnoboot - all data/shares intact, need to setup most configs.

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