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GA-H97N-WIFI(rev.1.1) Upgrade from 5.2 to 6.1, DS not found on LAN


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Hi Friends,

I have a nice custom built box, worked perfectly with Xpenology 5.1 for years.
I read about the working loader of Jun for ver6.1 and decided to upgrade.
Upgrade to 5.2 was successful.

After I jumped from 5.2 to 6.1

I made everything by Polanskiman's tutorial (https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/7973-tutorial-installmigrate-dsm-52-to-61x-juns-loader/).

Loader: DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b

With OsfMount I changed in grub.cfg:
- my USBkey's VID&PID (VID:090C,PID:1000)
- MAC adress (I set both of my card, but later tried only with NIC1(Intel), since I know Atheros is not supported)
- generated serial

With Win32 DiskImager I wrote it out to a 4G LG(OUM) key, that was working well for years with ver5.1.

For 1st boot loader install well everything, Synology Web Assistant found my box and began to istall it. Everything looked OK, but for reconnect it could not find my DS on LAN.
I re-tried again (with newly wrote USBkey), Web Assistant found my box as "recoverable" - but after short install process, it is again not found on LAN.

Then I tried with extra.lzma (extra3615_v4.8, - of course for my loader 1.02 ds3615 v4.8)... re-write the USBkey, load/install again, same result: Not found on LAN.

Now I am stucked.

According I read in topics here, the problem could be my NIC is not supported by the loader. But (if I understand well) other H97N users are reported succesful ugrade/install. Even with extra.lzma it doesn't work.

My most imprtant datas are in backup, but anyhow would be nice to get back the full working DS.
Help me pls!
I am trusting in Polanskiman, since he has similar config.

Am I doing something wrong?
Is my integrated Intel NIC is also not supported, even in extra3615_v4.8?
If necessary I would install a PCI card, just recommend me some surely supported model!
Or should I compile a new kernel?

If needed, I can provide "lshw -class network", "lspci -k" and "lspci -k | grep 'Kernel driver'" results - just as a newbie I am not familiar with the forum's operation, and for the first didn't want to flood the topic.

I am grateful for any help, suggestion, idea... Thanks guys!

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Thanks jensmander! Fresh install to a new HDD works well, the NIC is OK on board and supported.

... and now I know already what mistake I made during the upgrade... I was careless and I did NOT choose the 'manual install 'to use my pat file, but let the system automatically upgrade (and download) to the last version.... which of course does not work.

After the fresh install, if I reconnect the old drives I can find the box on network and recognized as a 'recoverable' system - but for next step it starts to recover and reinstall the system without offering the manual installl mode.... After finish and reboot, I cant find it again on LAN.


Do you have any idea to get back somehow my old system?

As I know downgrade is not possible... Looks like only the fresh install left as option...

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