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[SOLVED] loading XPEnology onto a Synology device


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I am not very good with searches and currently my head is spinning getting this far. But I am wondering if this can be a solution to my problem.


I have a Synology DS209 that supports up to DSM 4.2. It is now too old to get any additional support from Synology. Yes it's an underpowered box by most standards, but it is inexpensive and great to test out on. From what I have read, the XPEnology is basically loading a modified DSM onto a different computer. Is there any instructions on how to build a new build of say DSM4.3 or DSM5 onto a DS209 box. From the hardware side it is identical to the DS211j and that is supported by DSM5, so I know it should work.


My reason for asking. I have a DS412+ and DS1812+ that will be out of support in the next release I believe. If I can get DSM5 working on my DS209, then logic says my support for the big NAS boxes is going to be doable as well.


Sorry if this has been discussed to the hilt already.. Any links to where to start looking would be greatly appreciated.



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What I have read over the past few days, I am sort of confused.


There are two parts to the XPEnology process. There is the GNOboot that you load onto a USB stick that will fool the DS Assistant into thinking that the PC is acutally one of the DS3612xs devices. This part I am not really interested in as the box that I want to install into is not anywhere close to a DS3612xs


The second part is where I am. As everyone has different pieces of hardware, and Synology only uses some specific pieces, to get the DSM to work on your bit if kit, you may need to modify the DSM package from what Synology released. Things like plug in hardware drivers. But the DS Assistant checks the DSM .pat file before it sends it off to the NAS to make sure it is not corrupted. So there must be some way to take the .pat file and change it then re-pack it so that DS Assistant is happy to send it off. If I can get the method on how this is done, then I can take a .pat file for a DS211j (that is the exact same hardware except it has a different name) and change the hardware check inside of it to say DS209 and rebuild a new .pat file. DS Assistant will be happy that it is sending the correct .pat file to the correct hardware and that the file it not corrupted and I get DSM5 on my DS209

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Well, the problem has been solved. It turns out the solution is not changing the DSM package.


To update you need to do the following:


Download the DSM4.3 package for a DS212j as that is identical hardware to the DS209 and can run the newer DSM installs

Turn on SSH on your DS209

putty into the DS209

login using root

cd /etc.defaults

vi synoinfo.conf


change the first line where it says unique="synology_88f6281_209" to say unique="synology_88f6281_212j"




now log into the DS209 web interface and go to control pannel then DSM Update


Manual DSM update and and select the DSM4.3 package you downloaded. It will update the machine and will think it is now a DS212j rather than a DS209

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