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Remote Access and Port Forwarding


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Anyone run into issues getting Remote Access to work with Xpenology as a VM in the free version of ESXI 6.7? I have absolutely no issues doing port forwarding with a litany of other devices I have (Cameras and other servers), but just can't seem to get it to work with Xpenology. My router (EdgeRouter) already does DDNS and I know it works, but even using the IP address gets me nothing. I thought it would just be a simple as forwarding the necessary ports from my router to the static IP of the Xpenology. My rules are:


WAN Port 5000-5001 > Forward to XPEN IPADDR:5000-5001
WAN Port 9900-9901 > Forward to XPEN IAPADDR:9900-9901


Am I missing something here? Everything works fine Locally (even with the DS Cam app), but nothing is getting forwarded by the Router. It hits the ports (edgerouter sees the request) but does not forward through. Does something need to configured in Xpenology or the ESXI/VM that I'm missing? Is there a hidden firewall somewhere?

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DSM‘s firewall is disabled by default. Did you define any custom HTTPS ports? Or just the standard setup? I‘m not familiar with EdgeRouters but several NAT errors consist of improper rules. Did you try to use <your-ddns-address>:9901 in DS Cam or just the ddns-address/external IP?

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