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DSM disks always crashes even if all seems healthy


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I don't know what else to do, or how to solve my XPEnology to work without disk crashing.


more details about installation:

DSM 6.2, loader 1.03b

ESXi 6.5

installed on HP N54L

1x 250 GB


ESXi is installed on USB stick

250GB HDD is used basic datastore to store VMs



After successfull instalation disks are initialized and added to SHR or RAID1 volue (2x 3 TB). But after some time (random), usualy after i strart to copy data to XPEnologyone one disk crash. Usualy only one disk crashed, so i can remove it in VMware and add it back to machine and i can repair volume, but after some time, disk will go in crashed status again.

i did try both option, instalation with 2 virtual SATA controllers and with 1. At the moment my situation is described bellow (when i try with 2 SATA controller, was data disks on SATA1:0 & SATA 1:1).


current instalation, with RAID1:

Hard disk 1 =  250GB datastore, SATA 0:0 (synoboot.vmdk)

Hard disk 2 = 250GB datastore, SATA 0:1 (machine vmdk)

Hard disk 3 = 3TB_1.vmdk (its RDM, link is located on 250GB datastore, SATA 0:3)

Hard disk 4 = 3TB_2.vmdk (its RDM, link is located on 250GB datastore, SATA 0:4))


If anyone have idea what could cause me those problems, please let me know, probably it's only soem small in settings to change or,...


Thank you,


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