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10gb nic slow reads?


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Setup :



Win 10

Asus strix z270i itx

I7 7700k

16 gb ram

Samsung 970 pro nvme 500gb

Intel x520 dual 10gbe nic



Ds 6.1.7


8gb ram

Intel xl710 quad 10gbe nic

2x wd green 1tb raid 1

2x intel 120g ssd raid 0


They are connected via a 10gb sfp+ dac twinax cable, and in the same subnet, with ips off my main subne(workinf fine), and synology detects and displays the 10gb Lan info (Lan 2-5).



I recently installed the 10gbe nic, and have not yet been able to see 10gb perf. When I do a read from the nas of a 4GB zip file, I start fast (300MB/s off the ssd raid) , but steadily slow down to 70MB/s for the rest of the transfer. I can do a write to the nas ssd raid, and stay around 170 MB/S. 


I see the nic gets spikes of activity. I have turned in jumbo frames, disabled interrupt throttling (forger the real name). I disabled firewall, and anti-virus, (I think). 


One thing I did NOT do was disable the 1gb Lan on the nas (since I want it connected to the rest of the network. Or edit grub from my original 1x 1gb nic configuration. 


Any ideas? 


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More info:


I have another windows 10 box, so I put the xl710 into that, and ran iperf between the two windows boxes and got 9Gb.


I'm suspicious something in xpenology is causing this. Is there a step by step for trying iperf on a xpenology box? 


I'm gonna give freenas and unraid a try, in the mean time (help pinpoint if the xpenology box is really the issue).


Also I will confirm for other folks: the Intel 10Gbe cards (at least the x520 and xl710) do work fine in Windows, even with Intel's latest drivers, and even though Intel's web page says they won't. 

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I actually had the same speed issue when copying from FreeNAS, which lead me to believe something was wrong on my Windows box.


It was easy to find once I used a ramdisk from ImDisk Toolkit and saw expected performance:  the problem was that I was copying from my NAS into a compressed Windows folder, meaning the CPU would bottleneck based on the compression speed.


Hope that helps someone out there.


I'm now trying to figure out why copying UP to the NAS is now showing some slowness (80MB/s)...

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did you try iperf from workstation to Diskstation?  there is an iperf3 Synology package kicking around.

from my desktop to my xpenology I can copy files initially at 1.1GB/sec and then once the ram fills up it drops to 700-800 MB/sec


desktop is NVME SSD and xpenology is 6x8TB seagate ironwolf disks with 2x500GB 860 EVO SSD as non sequential cache.

NICs are Intel in NAS and Mellanox cx2, Switch is a dlink.


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