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Changing Mac on running xpenology

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Was someone successful by changing the serial of a running Xpenology?

At first i used the generator for my DS3617xs (1.02b) but now i gathered a valid serial of a official DS3617xs. 

I tried to edit the grub.cfg with the new serial but had no success with it. I also got the MAC´s of the Synology but i was keeping the existing entry in the grub.cfg because of ma LACP-Bonding

Any ideas?

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Using 'real' serial syno serial numbers on xpe is unfair on synology, probably mis-use of their servers/ T&Cs and is something the forum discourages. Having said that, lots of people have edited their grub files to change the SN to a 'personal' one successfully, so it does work. Suggest you check the file carefully before you write it to your boot image, for example, check that you have write permissions on the partition in osfmount etc

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