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Ways to test stability?


Hello! I wanted to try something new on my "file server" so I booted latest synoboot_3617 and installed latest DSM 6.2-23739 Update 2.

Yesterday i did setup and everything seem to work, without any issues. So far this is way better than openmediavault that i used for a long time.

I list here few thing that i have.


Lenovo Thinkcentre m91p slim / i5 2400 / 6GB RAM /

1 WD Red 4TB HDD as basic

1 SSD Kingston A400 120GB as r/o cache

VM Manager that has 2 VM's (running pi-hole and second just for usual testing)

Download Manager

Active Backup G suite



Shutdown,reboot, WOL etc basics does work.


Is this success story? Or should is there something that i should test?





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Unless you have already experienced any sudden shutdowns or reboots (usually due to misconfiguration of the bios or faulty hardware) you are good to go.

Keep in mind this is a hack of DSM and obviously I wouldn't recommend putting important data in an XPEnology box. This said, to each their own.

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