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SSH to 1.02b loader not DSM?

Go to solution Solved by Polanskiman,




I'm using Jun loader 1.02b - DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 8 on HP Gen8 MicroServer baremetal.


Telnet and SSH are definitely not enabled in Control Panel > Terminal & SNMP tab. But when I try to SSH to the IP, it responds with login as prompt!  So is it possible to SSH to the loader itself?


I have searched and searched forum and can't find clear answer to this or way to get in.



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Oh, very odd. Yeah I did a reboot, still works but disabled in the GUI. 


How do you see more about what the loader is doing/reporting then? I saw something about serial port but can I use the HP Gen8 MicroServer's ILO virtual serial port to see it somehow?




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