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Issue with email notification within Surveillance Station


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Any help much appreciated, I can't get my Surveillance Station EMAIL notification to work.. I've been googling for days and can't find the same problems I'm experiencing.. 

Model: DS3615xs

DSM 6.0.2-8451

Surveillance Station ver. 8.1.5-5513


Within the Control panel/Notifications tab of DSM I can get EMAIL alerts just fine with any of my many SMTP accounts.. BUT with Surveillance Station's EMAIL Notification I get this response:

"Test mail failed to send. please check your settings and try again"
   "Timeout while reading server reply"


But I know it's communicating to my SMTP servers because if I change the password to anything that's not correct I get this error:

"Test mail failed to send. please check your settings and try again"
   "535 5.7.0 Authentication rejected"


Has anyone seen this or have any experience with this problem? I did try to go the PUSH route as well, and even though I can connect my Android phone to the system via DS Finder or DS CAM I can see my cameras and all functions from the phone as designed, but from within the server when I click the "managed paired DS CAM" button from within the PUSH SERVICE notifications tab I get "Operation Failed" Just having NO luck getting notifications from Surveillance Station... Any help MUCH appreciated... thanks..



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I finally got this working with the use of gmass.co SMTP test tool... I couldn't get anything to work that used SSL, finally with my ISP's email account without SSL to port 587, success.. I can now send notifications from Surveillance station to my SMS email phone carriers address "555-555-5555@txt.att.net" Just strange that the Notifications email tests of DSM work fine with any SSL enabled SMTP, but not Surveillance Station... go figure... 

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