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HW for Basic XPEnology Trial


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Can someone tell me if this hardware (laying around the house) will work without having to muck with any drivers and such.... XPEnology "out of the box", so to speak?


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3 hours ago, sbv3000 said:

everything you list looks like it will work 'out of the box', just follow the standard tutorial

Thanks for the reply!


So I have decided to use 5.2 because it's been out a while (and I figure the instructions are perfected...)   ... can you point me to the tutorial that is for bare metal install of 5.2?   (preferably, one without 6.x references... I've read through two of them and they confusing to me).    Maybe after I've installed it once or twice, it won't be so confusing....


One of the confusing part is I downloaded a xls that generates the SN and MAC.  I modified  syslinux.cfg to contain the generated SN and MAC.... the tutorial talks about grub.cfg?  I don't understand how the generated MAC address will work since it won't match my my NIC's MAC address?


I also can't figure out which .pat to download.  Will DSM_DS3615xs_5967.pat work (if I picked DS3615xs when I generated the SN)?



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Also...thinking ahead...


The board only has one PCI (32-bit) slot.  Any one know which SATA 2 or 4 -port card is compatible (again, no mucking with drivers)?  I see talk of the LSI and the IO Crest/Marvel  cards that are plug-n-play, unfortunately, all of those cards are PCI-Express and not the original PCI bus.


Thanks in advance!

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