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Hello there!

After several experiments I just finished to build something that shoul dbe my 'production' box. Trick is that moving from test bed to new hardware, some things that I though previously I managed to 'master' are not working on new box:

- It is based on Asus P7H55 USB3 board. It has 6 internal SATA ports (part of H55 Express chipset,so I understand can either all be switched off or all active)

- I added RocketRaid 2720SGL as main HDD controller.

- Since case I use has max capacity of 12 drives (4x2.5 and 8x3.5) I changed SataPortMap=48, expecting to see first 4 ports from onboard and 8 ports from RocketRaid

- I connected 2 drives to internal coontroller and 8 drives to RocketRaid

XPEnology does show 12 drives slots, but filled as 2 occupied, 4 empty, 6 occupied. So looks showing all 6 ports on internal controller. Looking at disks reported for RocketRaid it shows first 6 ports. Then I tried to modify synouser.conf, and increase number of drives to 14, hoping that if can't disable 2 port on on board controller, at least I could use all 8 drives on RocketRaid.... Bad luck, now I see 14 slotts, but in 2 occupied, 4 emty, 6 occupied, 2 emty... So added 2 slots are not connected to ports on RocketRaid.

Any idea how to get this fixed? Ideally I'd like to see 4+8 config... but anything that would allow to use all discks onRocketRaid would be great!

BTW. 2 disks connected to internal controller shows as eSATA... can this be changed?

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