Surveillance Station - additional cameras?

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does anyone know if I purchase a camera licence pack, will it work or is it relying on "real" SN/MAC ID? 


I have a HP Gen 8 and DSM 6.1.5, one camera but want to add 2 more. (2 are supported free).


My guess (I have searched but cannot find a definitive answer) is yes a real SN / MAC are needed.  All the free tools I can find do not seem to work - Quick Connect is the way I am testing valid pairs, which may be wrong.





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I highly discourage it since buying those licenses will not warranty that they will work considering that using DSM on non-Synology hardware means that you are using an invalid SN. Which also means that you are in violation of the EULA.

FYI serial generators are no longer producing valid SNs. Synology has put an end to generated SNs.

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