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VMDK / Storage issue / File system read only


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I have DSM 4.2 and i also created a new VM of DSM 4.3 and i took the VMDK drives from DSM 4.2 and added it to my dsm 4.3 and turned it on but for some reason it doesn't work (network doesn't get detected etc.) so I turned off DSM 4.3 and just turned on my DSM 4.2 on my ESXI (same configs as before because i didn't even touch it ) and now when DSM 4.2 comes up it doesn't even load up the HTTPS site to login into. My shares don't work yet i can ping it and from vmware vcenter console i can login to it locally .



I get Failed to read filesystem magic on /dev/vg1/lv:/volume1



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