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  1. DVA3219 Jot Mode is released by user request. Denverton platform-based surveillance equipment such as the DVA3221. It is for 4 bays like the captured image. In jun mode, bugs have not been caught yet, so only jot mode is released first. TC Original does not support it, and can only be built with my M Shell. Below is how to download. curl --location "https://github.com/PeterSuh-Q3/tinycore-redpill/raw/main/my.sh.gz" -O; tar -zxvf my.sh.gz; ./my.sh DVA3219 For VMs that require additional drivers, etc. You can use it as ./myv.sh DVA3219 And you will surely meet the infinite recovery mode. then Please take care of it like this. sudo ./my.sh DVA3219 postupdate ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Usage: ./my.sh <Synology Model Name> <Options> Options: postupdate, noconfig, noclean, manual, realmac - postupdate : Option to patch the restore loop after applying DSM 7.1.0-42661 Update 2, no additional build required. - noconfig: SKIP automatic detection change processing such as SN/Mac/Vid/Pid/SataPortMap of user_config.json file. - noclean: SKIP the 💊 RedPill LKM/LOAD directory without clearing it with the Clean command. However, delete the Cache directory and loader.img. - manual: Options for manual extension processing and manual dtc processing in build action (skipping extension auto detection). - realmac : Option to use the NIC's real address instead of creating a virtual one. Please type Synology Model Name after ./my.sh - for jot mode ./my.sh DS918+ ./my.sh DS3617xs ./my.sh DS3615xs ./my.sh DS3622xs+ ./my.sh DVA3221 ./my.sh DS920+ ./my.sh DS1621+ ./my.sh DS2422+ ./my.sh DVA1622 ./my.sh DS1520+ (Not Suppoted, Testing...) ./my.sh FS2500 (Not Suppoted, Testing..., Has DTC issue) ./my.sh DS1621xs+ ./my.sh RS4021xs+ ./my.sh DVA3219 - for jun mode ./my.sh DS918+J ./my.sh DS3617xsJ ./my.sh DS3615xsJ ./my.sh DS3622xs+J ./my.sh DVA3221J ./my.sh DS920+J ./my.sh DS1621+J ./my.sh DS2422+J ./my.sh DVA1622J (Not Suppoted) ./my.sh DS1520+J ./my.sh FS2500J (Not Suppoted, Has DTC issue) ./my.sh DS1621xs+J ./my.sh RS4021xs+J ((Not Suppoted, Testing...) ./my.sh DVA3219J (Not Suppoted, Testing...)
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