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  1. Is there any way to exempt just the "legitimate" xpenology mod'd files and still keep the protection (in case future changes by actual malware)?
  2. JFrost

    XPEnoboot install trouble on Hyper-V

    I've semi-solved this. While twiddling, installed nanoboot 5.0.something, which worked out well. Then I tried upgrading to XPEnoboot for 5.1 and that worked too! So.. Now have xpe running on hyper-v. Maybe that helps someone. J.
  3. JFrost

    Fresh Install / Still some active PKG

    Are you saying that Plex package shows as installed in DSM or that you see Plex directory in file system? If you're not seeing it in DSM that is good because of clean install, package is not installed. You will still see the directory in file system because clean install does not delete folders from the drives, only over-write system files to make install clean.
  4. JFrost

    Installing bootloader

    Not 100% sure but I think actually it's not. iirc the DSM is only installed on Vol 1. (I know packages, for example, ask which volume to install on but also they only end up on the onne volume.) Technically,if you have only 1 volume and all your drives are RAIDed in it then I guess it's on all the drives. Otherwise, pretty sure it's not.
  5. Hello all, Been using Synologys for a while so fairly familiar with DSM but very very new to xpenology project so be gentle please Tried setting this up on a hyper-v vm (2012, not R2), and it *seems* to go well. I've had to fiddle around a bit to get a "successful" install and I'll detail my settings at the end. My main problem is that after installing the .pat file Syno assistant says install ok, but when I try access DSM I get promted to install DSM again. Refreshing Syno Assistant says 'configuration lost' and I can go round this loop endlessly. Any ideas what is going on? Thanks. Details - Host server is Win 2k12 Standard on DL360 G5 hardware - 16GB RAM, 2x Xeon 5460 Hyper-v Guest has: 2048 RAM 1x virtual proc IDE controller 1:0 - DVD drive (default drive) with XPEnoboot_DS3615_5.1-5022.0.iso IDE 0:0 - 1 GB .vhdx (for Syno system/boot vol) SCSI 1 - 10GB .vhdx (Syno data) My first run through, on boot, I choose the 3rd option (install/upgrade). When it gets to the "Diskstation Login" prompt I go to Syno Assistant (on another machine), upload the .pat file, select password, name and network (seems to work better w/ static IP assigned) and go. After that completes, try to access the DSM page (no reboot other than the one Syno Assistant install does) and I get the reinstall dsm web page. Thanks for any help.