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    Fresh Install / Still some active PKG

    Problem found I'm a real noob i upgrade via assistant not directly from web interface of synology .... kill me ... Thx & sorry
  2. walibix

    Fresh Install / Still some active PKG

    i see it in DSM paquet center , and it's still running (!)
  3. Hi, sorry for my pretty bad english ;p i want to "fresh clean" install my synology, while i migrate from 5.0.4458 to 5.1.5022.2, without loosing "data" so i try on another computer to "test". I install it in 5.0.4458 , make installation of Plex from spk , put 1 shared folder with some data after this i put usb with nanoboot 5.1.5022.2 in upgrade mode, and when it ask me, i tell to do a clean install the result is quite good , but the "old" spk (plex) is still there , as data how can i reinstall my synology without loosing "only shared folder" but erasing previous installation, manual spk included Thx !!