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  1. Hum I do not understand. Yesterday fresh install, all was ok this morning. Shut down the NAS properly, start it again, and same problem with all !!!!!!! Do not understand, never had that before.
  2. I try different thinks, ans database delete was not enough. I reinstall all this evening, now it is fine. Thank's for your help !
  3. I read it is a postgres problem, how to fix that ?
  4. I tried to desinstall multimedia station for example, and now impossible to reinstall it. It says me : DB is upgrading, try later...
  5. Great, now I have access, thanks for your help !! But lost all packet type photostation and other...
  6. Was in 5.1 5022 last update and tried 5565 with last xpenoboot... Should i try previous xpenoboot ?
  7. Hello, this morning I migrate from 5.1 to 5.2, with the same procedure as usual (I m on N54L native, last version of xpenoboot). All was ok, but after the reboot, nothing, the NAS is not seen anymore on the network. I connect directly on it with keyboard and monitor, all seems ok, I have access to my volume, see all my files. But from network nothing, I have no access and do not see it. I see another message at a moment in boot log : Partition layout is not DiskStation style. Could that be the cause ? Any Idea to have access to it again ???
  8. Question, now there are 10 new packet version, as someone tried to put update from them on DSM5.1 update 5 ?