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    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I couldn't install the new bootloader. I have a small test-system (MSI Z97i and i3). Following the instructions I get this: After the "Screen will stop updating shortly...." message I have this: "Trying to terminate EFI services again" and nothing happens What did I do wrong?
  2. Technic

    Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    Hey everyone! I am trying to get WOL to work. I have followed THIS tutorial but I got stuck. The machine hybernates itself, okay, but it will not wake up. The LAN port is also not blinking or anything. What do I have to set up in the BIOS? I have disabled the Deep S5, and enabled the WOL in the boot menu. What am I missing? Also after some failed tries, I have removed (ctrl + M) the WOL from synology assistant and now I cant even reenable it. I am using "XPEnoboot 5.1-5022.2" I am sorry if this has been answered before, I didnt fint it.