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    XPEnology on Windows Home Server NAS

    ok... For the NIC I will use a intel gigabit desktop adapter with just a single port. The power consumption is much less than the dual port server adapter. But I'm going crazy on the hibernation / standby problem with the HDDs. I just tried to use a WD20EARS. I reinstalled XPEnology on just a single drive. I can't get it to sleep. The DSM says "Failed to setup WOL" using hdparm -Y the drive just enters sleep mode for some seconds... I'll try to test with a Samsung HDD... Maybe I'll also try to use a different NIC as mentioned above... Maybe WOL will work and the drives will suspend?!
  2. Bernd

    XPEnology on Windows Home Server NAS

    Hmm... After some more investigation on hhd sleep: hdparm -S 60 /dev/sd... is accepted but the disk does not spin down. hdparm -Y /dev/sd... is successful but the disk spins up again after a few seconds. REMARK: a fresh installation of DSM is done before. There are NO data partitions except the DSM OS... It seems to be an issue with my WD10EADS drives. I found several threads with the same problem. They suggest to use hd-idle... Any experience on hd-idle on XPEnology? Bernd
  3. Bernd

    ACPI Power S3 suspend to ram

    Ich habe ein ähnliches Problem und habe dazu auch schon in den general discussions gepostet: Ich habe ein Acer Gateway GN500F1 NAS (sollte baugleich zum Acer H340) sein. Ich bin allerdings nicht so der WHS Fan und würde XPENology bevorzugen. Leider bekomme ich weder die Festplatten zum Schlafen noch das komplette System. ACPI S3 ist supported und läuft beim WHS ganz gut... Ich würde mich freuen, hier was neues zu dem Thema zu hören
  4. Bernd

    XPEnology on Windows Home Server NAS

    I just booted the system using WinPE. The NIC is a Marvel Yukon 88E8071 as suggested... But XPEnology doesn't recognize the NIC... I still had no success to get the HHDs to sleep
  5. Bernd

    XPEnology on Windows Home Server NAS

    Hi ZeroQI, first of all: Thanks for your reply! Yes! It's really a nice box but windows home server isn't my favourite OS Yes. The NIC should be a Marvell Yukon 88E8071 if it is really the same as in the H340... I downloaded and installed XPEnology DS3612xs DSM 4.1 build 2668++ but the NIC is still not available I think I'll try to find out more details. I just have hwinfo here. hwinfo also did not recognize the NIC. Any idea which tool I can use to find out the vendor and product ID? Well... The main problem is that I can't get hdd hibernation working. It says "Failed to setup WOL"... Also using hdparm - no success... Bernd
  6. Hello to all! I have a Acer Gateway GN500F1 Windows Home Server (seems to be somehow compatible to H340) and I'm trying to install Qnology or XPEnology. I got both working with an additinal Intel network card. The only problem I have is: - the integrated NIC is not supported... Well I can live with the gibabit dual port but this card has a really high power consumption also in standby... - I can't get hdd hibernation working. It says "Failed to setup WOL" - The integrated usb stick (motherboard integrated) has been overwitten on installing DSM (ok so far) and is recognized by DSM all the time... I tried to configure HDD hibernation using hdparm without success. The drives are WD10EADS (4x). I only need the NAS (at the moment) to stream videos to my wdtvlive and to access and backup data from laptop... So I really don't need a NAS that allways runs and I'm done running up and downstairs just to switch on the NAS I really hope someone can help me... Bernd