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  1. Thanks for your great work. I'm using DSM 6.2.2 (DS918+) under Proxmox, so I really need VIRTIO drivers for 10G communication and fast DISK IO access. Could you add all VIRTIO drivers(virtio_net, virtio_scsi, virtio_blk..)? I compiled and added VIRTIO drivers under DSM 6.1.7. but under DSM 6.2.2, didn't load VIRTIO drivers. sorry for poor english
  2. Thanks for the clear answer. I’m sorry I can’t help core developer, I hope that the next bootloader version will be able to change the model to RS18016xs+.
  3. I just want to change model name for my cute rack server. not samba or web interface/dlna name. no reason. now I'm searching about boot loader make/mod manual.
  4. I succeeded in installing xpenology on R510 today. I don't need the RS18016xs + function at all, I just want to change the model name on the control panel. I changed the unique model name in synoinfo.conf to RS18016xs+, but migrate screen appeared when boot. (DS3615xs boot loader) Then I think I need to modify the boot loader kernel, but I can't make it out absolutely. I found it through forum search, but it seems that the competitor has made the RS18016xs + boot loader, but it does not seem to work because of the old version boot loader. is there any other way? sorry for my poor english.